9002, 9050BF

19“ Rack-mount chassis with power supply

9002, 9050BF

The Model 9002 19" 4 RU chassis is designed for rack mounting Optelecom® Series 9000 cards. All electrical and optical connections are made to the front panels of the plug-in cards.

Individual cards can be hot swapped without affecting the operation of other cards in the chassis. The rack mounting ears may be installed on the front or rear of the chassis as required for the specific application.

The 9002 may be equipped with one or two power supplies (9050BF). You can set these supplies to operate as load-sharing or as primary and backup supplies. 18 slots are available for use with one supply installed; 15 are available with two supplies installed. The chassis supports the Network Management System.


  • Rack-mountable chassis supports 9000 series rack-mount cards
  • Supports up to 21 slots
  • 3-slot, heavy duty, fan-cooled power supply module
  • Output voltage, current, and temperature monitoring
9050BF rack-mount power supply
These 6.0VDC power supplies are intended to meet the requirements of Series 9000 chassis rack mount units. The supplies may be operated as a single supply or, when two supplies are installed, primary/backup mode or load-sharing mode. Adjustments are made simple by a set of front panel meter test points for output voltage, current, and temperature and a voltage adjustment control. For noise immunity and proper ventilation, install blank panels over unused slots. See the accessories chart in Ordering Information below. Power supplies are ordered separately; the version of supply required depends on the number of cards installed and their total power consumption. Refer to the User Manual and system applications notes available from the factory for details on installing the 9002 chassis.