928xD series

1-channel video with “up the coax”

928xD series


The 928xD series modules digitize and transport one video plus duplex data in “up the coax”-type camera control systems such as the Panasonic Proteus™, Pelco, TOA and other similar systems over one optical fiber.


  • Single-channel video transmitters and receivers
  • 9-bit uncompressed digital video
  • High-quality video ≥63dBw SNR
  • Transports duplex “up the coax” PTZ and camera control/data channel information
  • Extended distance transmitter (-EX) overcomes distance limitations of standard “up the coax” systems (-EX version)
  • Standalone and rack-mount versions
  • Network Management System (NMS) compatible
  • DIN rail support via 9995 mounting kit