ADS 1200

Audio and data transceiver

ADS 1200

The ADS 1200 series offers four data channels, two audio channels, and two contact closure channels over duplex multi-mode or one single mode fiber. All channels are full-duplex. A versatile fiber modem providing a solution for almost every application.


  • Audio, data and contact closures over one or two fibers
  • Two full-duplex broadcast-quality audio channels
  • Four full-duplex data channels
  • Two full-duplex contact closure channels
  • Adjustment-free installation and operation
  • Compact, modular design


The ADS 1200 series consists of a range of fiber-optic transceivers with four data channels, two audio channels and two contact closure channels, all full-duplex, providing the right solution for almost every application.

The audio channels offer broadcast quality, while the contact closure channels have potential-free outputs. Each data channel is fully independent and enables transmission speeds from DC to 64 kb/s. Available data interfaces are RS-232, RS-422, two- or four-wire RS-485, TTY, Manchester and Bi-phase.

The rack-mounted ADS 1200 transceivers are available in one- or two-fiber versions for both single-mode and multimode applications. The flexibility this provides allows for configurations ranging from simple point-to-point links to dedicated drop-and-insert rings.

With its wide operating temperature range the ADS 1200 series can be used for a variety of purposes, including traffic monitoring, city surveillance and airport security.