C-54 E-MC

Four-channel IP video encoder

C-54 E-MC

The C-54 E-MC converts your analogue video signal into a range of different IP streams (2x MPEG-4/MJPEG). Each channel is able to transmit these streams simultaneously, at different resolutions and frame rates. This four-channel video encoder delivers crystal clear, low-bandwidth video and compatible with most existing systems.


  • 4-Channel multi-codec video server
  • Simultaneous MPEG-4, and MJPEG
  • Image quality monitor and tamper detector
  • Adaptive de-interlacing for enhanced quality
  • Triple-streaming support
  • OVIF Profile S


Image quality monitor and tampering alarm
The C-54 E-MC is fitted with video analytics to check the health of connected cameras. This image quality monitor analyses contrast, exposure, sharpness and noise. Camera tampering analytics detect any changes in the camera’s position or field of view. The instant a camera is subject to failure or tampering, an -alert can be raised.

Enhanced video quality
Modern flat LCD monitors show artifacts with standard PAL or NTSC video. Standard de-interlacing loses half of the vertical resolution. Siqura’s sophisticated de-interlacing scheme optimizes vertical resolution resulting in superior video images without artifacts.

ONVIF and Siqura programming interface
The C-54 E-MC supports the international ONVIF standard for remote control, configuration, video switching, and streaming. The encoder has been approved for ONVIF Profile S for streaming, PTZ, and I/O. An alternative control interface is the SPI, a comprehensive HTTP- and RTSP-based API for remote control of the encoder that makes full integration easy.

Triple streaming per channel
The versatile C-54 E-MC encoder is capable of streaming MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MJPEG simultaneously. Each stream is optimized for its purpose, e.g. high quality MPEG-2 live viewing, low bandwidth MPEG-4 storage, and low-resolution MJPEG for web applications or remote devices (e.g. PDAs).

By combining streaming video with serial data over IP, the C-54 E-MC provides the necessary interface for any CCTV application. Internal video motion detection can be used for automated security solutions or event-triggered storage.