Ethernet over Coax 100Mb SFP Module


The Siqura ECO-plug is a unique SFP module for Ethernet over coax. It enables Siqura IP cameras to stream over coaxial cables.


  • Ethernet extender over coax up to 720m
  • 100 Mb SFP compatible
  • Hot-swappable
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standard
  • Fully transparent 100BaseT Ethernet
  • Auto Back Focus, Auto Focus
  • Supports direct connection to IP cameras


The Siqura ECO-plug module is the smallest form factor Ethernet over coax extender on the market. It converts legacy analog CCTV systems to state of the art IP video surveillance.

When migrating from analog to IP CCTV, the ECO plug can save you a lot of money. When mounted in Siqura's SFP IP cameras they can be connected directly to the existing coaxial cables. Making use of the existing cabling up to 700 m. At the central point a Siqura XSNet 24-port SFP switch (XSNet S4124SW SFP)  can be utilized to covert the signals back to its original 100Mb Ethernet.