Western Digital

Encrypted Server Storage

Encypted Pro server storage for the most demanding storage environments.

Encrypted Server Storage

VDG's Encrypted Professional video server storage hard drives offer up to 18TB capacities to suit even the most demanding needs. This (SED) Self Encrypting Drive helps protect end user data with encryption. If you remove a self-encrypting drive from its storage system or the server in which it is housed,
the data on that drive is encrypted and useless to anyone who attempts to access it without the appropriate security authorization.

With the highest error tolerance and MTBF of any capacity-optimized drive, the VDG Pro video server storage delivers the durability and 24x7x365 reliability required in tightly packed vibration prone multi-drive systems.

Must be bought in combination with NVH-CRYPT.


  • Professional encrytion drive
  • Can be used in all servers (1 to 48 hard drives)
  • Raid configurable