EVE 4X4 V2

Modular 16-channel H.264 video encoder

EVE 4X4 V2

Siqura EVE 4x4 v2 is a modular 16–channel video encoder offering high-quality video streaming performance for many video surveillance applications and CCTV. It is based on 4x 4-channel blades fitted into a single 19-inch rack. Easy snap-latch securing allows the blades to be hot-swapped. The encoder provides two GBE ports for daisy chaining multiple EVE 4x4 encoders. The encoders provides dual streaming per camera in full frame rate at best-quality H.264 high profile. With 16 channels in a rack-mountable 1HU form factor, EVE 4x4 v2 offers the highest port density at this quality of video.


  • Modular 4x four-channel H.264 encoder
  • Click and Go: works out of the box
  • Advanced picture enhancement
  • Image quality monitoring
  • Tamper detection
  • Edge storage on µSDHC card per 4-ch
  • ONVIF Profile S

Click and Go
Out of the box, the EVE 4x4 is ready for operation and can be mounted straight or reversed in a 19" rack.  Set-up is made easy: the EVE 4x4 blades get their own addresses in the network and can be accessed by their device host name. Connect the cameras and you are ready to go. The comprehensive web app guides you through the web interface as if child’s play.

Picture enhancement
The EVE 4x4 connects to every analogue camera, even if it is not of the best quality. With a range of tools it enhances the video to a crisp, clear image. Camera noise can be eliminated by TKH Security/Siqura’s 3D adaptive noise reduction and interlacing artifacts are removed by motion adaptive deinterlacing (M.A.D.). Brightness, contrast, hue, and sharpness of the image can be adjusted for the best result.

Image quality monitor and tamper detector
When the image from the camera becomes too poor, even for the encoder to enhance, an Image Quality alert is raised. The image is continuously monitored on contrast, exposure, focus, and noise by the unique Image Quality Monitor. In addition, the built-in tamper detector monitors changes in the position or field of view of the camera. The instant a camera’s position is changed a Tamper Detect alert is raised.

ONVIF and Siqura Programming Interface (SPI)
The EVE 4x4 supports the international ONVIF standard for remote control, configuration, video switching, and streaming. The encoder has been approved for ONVIF Profile S for streaming, PTZ, and I/O. An alternative control interface is SPI, a comprehensive programming interface for remote-control of the encoder over http.