Network Interface and cable tail of the Siqura SA3 or EX3 cameras


The INT3-RJ, INT3-SM or INT3-MM defines the interface/cable tail on the Siqura SA3 or EX3 camera. This option should always be defined together with the housing and the assembled camera. For INMETRO add '-IN' to the product name.


  • INT3-RJ(-IN/-SA): CAT 5e interface on RJ45
  • INT3-SM(-IN/-SA): Single-mode fiber interface
  • INT3-MM(-IN): Multi-mode fiber interface
  • ATEX certified armoured multicable
  • ATEX certified Ex d barrier glands
  • INMETRO certified (-IN versions only)


EX3 Housing
The explosion environment require a special cable tail. The INT3-RJ5 or INT3-RJ10 define a EX cable tail for 100 Mb Fast Ethernet of 5 or 10 meter. INT3-SM5 or INT3-SM10 defines a single-mode cable for 5 or 10 meter, and INT3-MM similar for multi-mode. The cable tail is terminated by two Ex d barrier glands on both sides.

For INMETRO certified installations the cable tail has to be provided with INMETRO certified cable glands. Add -IN to the name of the required cable.

SA3 Housing
The SA3 housings can be fitted with direct fiber outputs by using the INT3-SM for Ethernet over single-mode. For fast Ethernet connections (RJ45) an INT3-RJ interface is needed. In addition special composite SA3 cable tails are available for Fast Ethernet or SM-fiber at 5 or 10 meters. The -SA20 with M20 cable glands fit the SA3-FIX housings, while the -SA25 version is suited for the SA3-PTZ housings.

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