Sirius iX10 Built-in Card Reader


The Sirius iX10 is the smallest card reader of the iX family. The reader is compatible with various passes and tags and is ready to use for Mobile Access (BLE). This reader is designed for built-in situations, such as electrical junction boxes and flush-mounted boxes. You use the iX10 reader in places where other iX family readers are just too big. The reader comes with a basic housing that prevents the electronics from being damaged during installation.

In addition, the card reader is ideal for placement in an OD5 or OD10 housing of Commend intercom. If the card reader does not fit, parts of the antenna plate can be altered so that the reader can be installed in any environment.


  • RfID reader for MIFARE/DESFIRE cards
  • Mobile Access compatible (BLE)
  • Designed for Electrical junction boxes
  • Movement detection tamper
  • Ultra-fast response time
  • Easy installation with removable connector
  • Designed for a perfect fit in OD5 and OD10 housings