MC 10 AC, MC 11 AC

19” power supply cabinet

MC 10 AC, MC 11 AC

MC 11 power supply cabinets can house and power 11 Siqura rack-mount modules. The heart of the MC 11 is a powerful, extremely robust, and efficient power supply unit, which can supply up to 105 watts. The MC 10 is fitted with two of these power supply units for fully redundant powering. The built-in fans in both cabinets provide sufficient cooling for full-load operation over a wide temperature range. They also makes it possible to stack cabinets on top of each other, utilizing every inch of available rack space. All connections are concentrated on one side. Reversible mounting brackets give you the choice to have all connections at the front or at the back.


  • Up to 11 slots
  • Dual redundant power supply (MC 10 with 10 slots)
  • Robust, field proven switched-mode power supply
  • Built-in fans
  • Reversible mounting brackets
  • Field-hardened