Video server 19", 4U, 24 bay HS, Xeon, SSD, RAID, RPSU


The NVH-2000 series are powerful, customizable, stackable and rack-mounted VDG servers. It combines top quality components and a user-friendly configuration to deliver high-power output and reliability. It’s casing and components are engineered to ensure an optimized airflow (even when stacked) for higher efficiency, which results in lower energy consumption. Its redundant hot-plug power supply ensures a continuous operation at all times.


  • 4U Rack-mountable Server Chassis
  • 24x 3.5" hot swappable HDD bays
  • Standard RAID 5 configuration
  • 875W Reduntant Hot-plug Power Supply
  • 1x 24-Port 12G Mini-SAS HD Expander Backplane
  • Dual Intel® I210AT Gigabit Ethernet with teaming support
  • Front access info tag for easy server management
  • Slide rail included

Built as stand-alone servers, the NVH-2500 series’ front-mounted hard-drives are configured for hot-swapping, as are the cooling fans, to ensure 24/7 operation. This means that they are easy to service and can reduce running costs.

The reliability is ensured through a standard RAID 5 configuration and redundancy, but can be configured otherwise if necessary. Optionally, a hot-standby hard-drive can be configured to ensure maximum reliability and reduce service needs. The NVH-2524XR contains 24 slots for hard-disk storage.

Optional expansions:

  • VDG Video server storage
  • NVH-GBLAN for 1 extra Ethernet connection port
  • Ethernet server adapter fiber