An easy-to-use, plug-and-play control keyboard.


The NVH-KEY1002 keyboard comes with jog shuttle, joystick 38 backlit keys, alarm buzzer, and allows the management of CCTV applications from a PC, via USB connection. It can control VDG Sense, emulating a 4-axis 38 keys HID joystick. It can also be used together with other peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouse, joysticks or other accessories.

USB powered for an easy plug-and-play use with only one cable. The keyboard can be turned round so that both right- and left-handed users can use all the functions with ease. This simple, user-friendly and fully implementable keyboard allows a comfortable and intuitive management of VDG Sense.


  • Customizable CCTV oriented keyboard
  • Control of PC security software
  • USB powered
  • 38 Backlit Keys
  • Alarm buzzer
  • Simple use and installation
  • Perfect integration with VDG Sense
  • For right and left-handed operators