OCTA 4300

8-channel digital video, audio, data, CC and Fast Ethernet

OCTA 4300

8-Channel digital video over fiber. One complete bi-directional multimedia over a single fiber.


  • 8-channel uncompressed 10-bit digital video
  • Two CD-quality, full-duplex audio channels
  • Four full-duplex data channels
  • Two full-duplex contact closure channels
  • One 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) interface
  • No signal degradation over long distances
  • Adjustment-free operation
  • Compact stand-alone and rack-mount versions


Offering a compact and versatile combination of video, audio, data, contact closures, and Ethernet, the Octa 4300 can be effectively deployed in almost any CCTV application.

The multiplexer simultaneously transmits eight camera signals and two audio, four data, and two CC signals, and one 10/100Base-TX Fast Ethernet interface over one single-mode or multimode optical fiber. Uncompressed 10-bit digitizing, oversampling, and digital filtering ensure a very high transmission performance, exceeding the requirements of the EIA RS-250C short haul specification.

The bidirectional RS-485/422 data interface supports PTZ data from all types of camera interfaces including RS-485, TTY, Manchester, Bi-phase, and SensorNet. In addition, the module offers isolated alarm contact closure channels for door contacts and anti-tamper contacts, for example. In addition to audio and data, the Octa 4300 offers a 10/100Mb/s Fast Ethernet interface with auto-negotiation, autosensing, and auto MDI/MDI-X for fast, reliable connection.

The wide operating temperature range of these units makes the Octa 4300 series well-suited for environmentally harsh applications such as traffic monitoring, video surveillance in city centers, and airport security.