Open frame power supply 115/230Vac to 24Vac, 3.3A


The PA80-24 is intended for powering cameras in extreme conditions. The power supply is rated up to 80 °C. The supply can deliver 80VA from the secondary winding (24 Vac at 3,3 A). The open frame PSU can be fitted on a DIN rail or in a junction box.


  • 115/230 Vac to 24 Vac power supply
  • Max. temperature range -25°C to +80°C at 30W
  • Open frame construction
  • DIN-rail mount

Above 40 °C there is a derating of the output power. The power over-temperature profile is sufficient to power a TKH Security Solutions PTZ cameras at 65 °C. WShen the camera heats up the internal heaters are switched off and the power dissipation will reduce dramatically (up to 40 W).