S-60 E V2 (NA)

Single channel H.264 video encoder

S-60 E V2 (NA)

Take your analogue CCTV network to the digital realm of IP with our S-series video encoders. The single channel S-60 E v2 converts analogue video into two independant H.264 IP streams. This video encoder delivers crystal clear, low-bandwidth video and proven interoperability by ONVIF Profile S and Siqura's SPI.


  • Single-channel H.264 video encoder
  • Edge recording
  • 960H Support
  • Advanced tamper detection
  • Image quality monitor
  • NEMA TS 2 compliant
  • NTCIP protocol support
  • Audio, Digital I/O
  • ONVIF Profile S


The Siqura S-60 E v2 is a versatile and cost-effective H.264 video encoder, featuring multi-streaming, low-latency, and crystal-clear highly detailed video. The "no audio" version (-NA) has been temporarily been introduced to overcome the component crises causing severe shortage of audio chips.

ONVIF and Siqura Programming Interface (SPI)
The S-64 E v2 supports both the international ONVIF standard and SPI for remote control, configuration, video switching, and streaming. The encoder has been approved for ONVIF Profile S
for streaming, PTZ, and I/O. An alternative control interface is the SPI, a comprehensive HTTP- and RTSP-based API for remote control of the encoder that makes full integration easy.

Edge recording
The S-60 E v2 offers edge recording for each video input. A recording is activated when the connection with the network recorder is lost. The missing footage is available as AVI, which can easily be downloaded from the device. The recordings are stored on a single μSDHC card  with a maximum capacity of 32 GB or NAS.

Picture enhancement
The S-60 E v2 connects to every analogue camera, even if it is not of the best quality. With a range of tools it enhances the video to a crisp, clear image. Camera noise can be eliminated by Siqura’s 3D adaptive noise reduction and interlacing artifacts are removed by motion adaptive de-interlacing (M.A.D.). Brightness, contrast, hue, and sharpness of the image can be adjusted for the best result.

Image quality monitor and tamper detector
When the image from the camera becomes too poor, even for the encoder to enhance, an Image Quality alert is raised. The image is continuously monitored on contrast, exposure, focus, and noise by Siqura’s unique Image Quality Monitor. In addition, the built-in tamper detector monitors changes in the position or field of view of the camera. The instant a camera’s position is changed a Tamper Detect alert is raised.

960H Support
The S-60 E v2 supports 960H enhanced definition SD cameras. 960H Analogue cameras produce a stunning, 650 TVL resolution in PAL/NTSC or a standard definition image in an aspect ratio of 16x9 (widescreen). Ordinary encoders cannot handle 960H and will reduce horizontal resolution to standard PAL/NTSC. With this feature, S-60 E v2 encoders are able to use 960H technology for any standard PAL or NTSC camera. This means that the S-60 E v2 uses 33% more samples to encode a normal TV line, thus producing the sharpest image possible.

Audio, I/O contacts, and serial data
By combining audio, digital I/O contacts, and data with streaming video, the S-60 E v2 provides all the interfaces necessary for any IP CCTV application. The S-60 E v2 supports 1x audio in- and output, 1x PTZ (RS485) and serial RS232 data, and 4x digital I/O.