SA-PTZ L series

Safe Area PTZ Camera 316L connected direct to fiber

SA-PTZ L series

The SA-PTZL camera housing is a rugged corrosion proof PTZ camera station designed for use in onshore, offshore, marine and heavy industrial environments. The camera housing is constructed from electro-polished 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection and is fitted with an 316L sun-shield, a thermostatically controlled heater, and integrated wiper. Combined with a IP zoom camera the SA-PTZ L transforms in a full featured PTZ camera station. The housing is not sold separately, it is only available in combination with a Siqura daylight camera module, such as the BC822v2H3-AS or the 4K BC980H2-AS, and an single mode fiber optic Ethernet interface (INT-SM).


  • Corrosion protected 316L stainless-steel
  • Ingress protection rating IP66 and IP67
  • 360° Continuous rotation, -90° to +90° tilt range
  • Integrated power supply (24, 115 or 230 Vac)
  • Integrated heater and wiper
  • Electro-polished 316L sun-shield
  • Integrated Fiber Optic interface (INT-SM)
  • Low maintenance


Corrosion free 316L construction
The compact SA-PTZ L is designed to withstand the heavy mechanical stress and vibration on board a marine vessel. The PTZ camera is made of corrosion proof 316L stainless steel suited to operate in salty or sulfur rich environments.

Integrated wiper and heater
The camera is standard equipped with wiper and prepared for installing a washer hose and nozzle. A 10 liter washer tank with pump and hose is sold separately. The built-in heater regulates the humidity inside the camera and prevents ice or condensation to form on the camera’s window.

Direct to fiber
This camera is specially made for fitting a optical fiber media converter in the base of the unit. This INT-SM feature has to be ordered separately, like the BC822v2H3-AS or BC980H2-AS optical camera.