TKH Security Solutions

TKH Fusion

A camera for real-time elevated temperature detection

TKH Fusion

The TKH Fusion is an elevated temperature detection kit which detects, from a distance, whether a person has a higher than normal body temperature. The TKH Security elevated temperature detection kit consists of a dual spectrum smart IP-camera and a black-body. The dual spectrum camera is fitted with a thermal sensor, based on an uncooled microbolometer, to measure temperatures and a high-grade full-HD optical sensor to view the captured images. The camera is fully ONVIF Profile S compliant for interoperability with TKH Sense or other 3rd party VMS systems.


  • Dual spectrum IP-camera
  • Accurate black-body for calibration
  • High Accuracy up to ±0.3 °C
  • Detection distance 3 to 5 m
  • None intrusive, none contact temperature measurement
  • Built-in detection algorithms
  • Smart face/body detection
  • Compact aesthetic design
  • ONVIF profile S and G compliant