External PSU for Vario i8-1/i8-2, 24V, 100W, 2xO/P, IP66


The VARIO series of Power Supply Units (PSU) is purpose designed to correctly power all VARIO illuminators including VARIO IP, and provides a platform for the easiest, quickest and safest wiring and installation. As a full product family, there is a PSU to power any VARIO illuminator. The VARIO PSU 100W requires a 100-230V AC input and provides 24V output. 100W.


  • Powers multiple VARIO illuminators from one PSU
  • CAT5 connection for VARIO IP
  • Easy wiring for all VARIO input & output connections
  • Internal illumination for night time installation
  • High Quality IP66 Aluminium Enclosure
  • Provides correct power for all VARIO illuminators
  • Status indicators signify correct voltage