Vega 1

3MP Dual-Sensor ANPR Camera

Vega 1

The Vega 1 is a dual-channel camera built in a compact case. With its powerful design, Vega 1 can read the number plate on 200km/h vehicle from 25 meters away as well as streaming visible video 24/7 simultaneously. The high sensitivity image sensor is installed for ANPR reading, video streaming in extremely low light conditions. Thanks to its local storage, the video is well restored even if the network connectivity is no longer available. The superb Vega 1 is suitable for single lane vehicle tracking, traffic limited areas, and priority lanes.


  • >95% Accuracy of onboard ANPR
  • Recognition up to 200km/hr
  • One-lane Coverage
  • Speed estimation
  • Webpage Remote Control
  • Video streaming 24/7
  • ONVIF Compliance
  • Local storage up to 128GB
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • Support GPS/LTE(Optional)