XCU C Thermal

XCU Compact 316L intelligent thermal camera

XCU C Thermal

Rugged thermal imaging camera for demanding environments. Thermal cameras can be used 24/7 for al sorts of monitoring or detection purposes. The XCU Compact Thermal is fitted with video analytics to actively help with perimeter surveillance, fire detection, flare monitoring, and hotspot detection. The XCU and its accessories are double protected against corrosion; they are entirely made of powder-coated 316L stainless-steel. The housing is hermetically sealed against water and dust, which makes it ideal for harsh environments like traffic, tunnels, marine, offshore, heavy industry, waste management, etc.


  • Uncooled thermal imager
  • Compact, robust, and corrosion free
  • powder-coated 316L stainless steel housing
  • Choice of lenses
  • Plug & Play
  • Built-in analytics
  • Water and dust tight: IP66 & IP67
  • ONVIF Profile S


The XCU Fusion is designed to operate in harsh and aggressive environments. Typical applications are found in the heavy industry, traffic, tunnels, waterways, waste treatment and even in the salty environment of the marine. The XCU Compact Thermal is fitted with an uncooled thermal imager with a choice of lenses.

Plug & Play
Installing and commissioning IP cameras has become child’s play. The XCU Compact click’s into place with its versatile mounting accessories and is operational by plugging in the external connector. No need to open the unit; all connections can be prepared in advance.

Integrated thermal camera
The XCU Compact Thermal is fitted with a highly sensitive uncooled microbolometer for thermal imaging. It detects temperature differences as small as 50 mK and can spot heat sources invisible to the naked eye. When the darkness obscures the vision of an ultra-low light CCTV camera, the thermal camera gives a clear overview of what’s going on.

Multi-streaming and multicasting
The XCU Compact Thermal has multi-streaming capabilities for simultaneous transmission of one or more H.264 streams combined with MJPEG. This guarantees interoperability with existing VMS systems. Multiple combinations of resolution and frame rate can be configured to satisfy different live-viewing and recording scenarios. In addition, multicasting is supported for complex, multi-user video networks.

Open standards
Out of the box, the XCU Fusion integrates with the common VMS systems. Being ONVIF Profile S compliant, the camera is supported by most video management systems. When needed, the camera can be controlled through a comprehensive HTTP API (Siqura Programming Interface). This specifically enables deployment in projects with custom requirements.

Built-in video analysis
The XCU Compact Thermal is fitted with on-board analytics, called FlameGuard and FenceGuard.

FlameGuard is a specialized algorithm for 24/7 flare monitoring and fire/hotspot detection. The XCU Compact R1 version is able to accurately measure temperatures within a zone in combination with TKH Security Sense for early detection of e.g. spontaneous combustion.

FenceGuard detects intrusion detection or crossing of virtual fences in the highest possible accuracy and lowest number of nuisance alerts.