TKH Security

Channel System


Channel System

The specially-designed aluminum mounting channel simplifies the installation of the smart-sensor system. From initial hanging to mounting smart-sensors, the channel reduces the time to get a system up and running.

Smart-sensors attach to the channel without tools. The open channel holds the wiring that connects each unit to the high-speed network. Channel sections can be assembled into long straight runs, or junction pieces can be used to alter the channel's path in height and direction.
The channel hangs from the ceiling using standard anchors, threaded rods, and nuts attached to hanger clips that fit inside the channel.

Part Numbers:
CS-CHNL-2.5-00 | Channel system, channel, standard aluminum, 10′ –  2.5 m
CS-HC-00 | Channel – Hanging Clip 
CS-J-H45-00 | Channel – 45 degree junction
CS-J-H90-00 | Channel – 90 degree connector 
CS-J-S-00 | Channel – Straight junction 
CS-J-T-00 | Channel – T Junction 
CS-J-V45D-00 | Channel – 45 degree down junction 
CS-J-V45U-00 | Channel – 45 degree up junction 
CS-J-X-00 | Channel – X Junction
CS-CAP-00 | Channel – end-caps 
CS-CC100-00 | Channel – Cable Clip 
CS-CVR | Plastic cover for channel, snap mount, 90cm length