TKH Security

M5 Sensor

Camera Sensor, 5th Generation, single camera, daisy chain

M5 Sensor

The camera-based M5 Smart-Sensor has the ability to sense, identify, and count vehicles for individual parking spaces. Configured with one or two CMOS digital cameras, each smart-sensor can monitor up to six (6) parking spaces simultaneously.

Using a distributed processing ecosystem, Camera images are continuously processed by smart AI algorithms to detect parking space occupancy changes using proprietary image processing software. For surveillance purposes, the output of the cameras can be streamed over the network. The Smart-Sensor’s housing has a seal rating of IP66, preventing the ingress of water and dirt.


  • ARM Processor
  • 12 RGB LEDs; color mixing for thousands of possible colors
  • Field of View105° Horizontally (3 adjustable aiming positions)
  • Min Illumination to Operate25 lux
  • 4.0 megapixel
  • Operating Temperature: -30° to 50+°C (-40° to 122+°F)
  • Humidity Range: 10% - 95%
  • Environment Sealing: IP66
  • Removable “snap-click” brackets for fast mounting
  • ABS and polycarbonate plastic
  • 20-60v DC
  • 5.5W typical
  • Product SafetyConforms to ANSI/UL Std 62368-1, Certified to CSA