Orion Door controller


The Orion has a modular, compact design with a small footprint, which can be placed on a standard DIN rail. Hence the Orion takes up very little space which saves a great deal on costs. In addition the Orion has been provided with a full colour smart LED, enabling the user to see at a glance if the controller functions properly.


  • Suitable for bus & star installations
  • Reuse of existing cabling and feeds
  • Clear status, through 1 LED
  • Saving space due to small footprint
What makes the Orion Smart?
Aside from its Access Control functions the Orion adds lots of extra functionalities. For example, the Orion can effortlessly provide monitoring of the temperature and humidity of your working environment, it detects motion, and in combination with iProtect it automatically activates the alarm when you leave the room.