iProtect Security software


iProtect Security software

The iProtect Security Management Solution is a complete package of integrated security components. A full security system that meets all your needs. The Video Surveillance, Intrusion Detection and Intercom functionalities are typically combined with Access Control within iProtect Security.


  • Flexible and scalable
  • One system for multiple locations
  • Adaptive to specific needs
  • Only one dashboard for all the security components
  • The system is enriched with 3rd party integrations
Access Control
A fully equipped security system with online card readers, visitor registration, guard tour, email support and authorization of persons in specific areas.Video Surveillance
Video Surveillance makes it possible to assess situations and respond immediately from remote locations.Intercom
Recognition of employees based on their voice and facial features. Where necessary, combine calls with Video images.Intrusion Detection
The Intrusion Detection system is based on the latest technology and multiple sites can be managed from a central control point.