Sirius i80p card reader pin pad MIFARE/DESFire


This reader has a capacitive touch, meaning that the reader has no loose or moving components, like push buttons. This makes the PIN code reader suitable for many applications. The PIN code reader is build up as an all-in-one construction, making the reader easy to maintain. The Sirius i80P PIN code keyboard calibrates automatically, ensuring that the reader is perfectly suited to its environment. Like our i80 Sirius reader, it is also suited to mount on an electrical junction box or wall mounted with the Sirius i80(p) spacer.


  • Supports multiple reader technologies
  • Suitable for application in bacterial free environments
  • NFC compatibility
  • LED light guide

Depending of the system the i80p pincode reader can offer you a variety of functionalities like:

• Card & Pin
• Card only
• Pin only
• Duress code
• Switch on/off intrusion alarm(groups)