IoT Controller


Street cabinets without power or connectivity. Until recently, there was no control of these locations in the day-to-day management of these technical areas. With the
advent of the TKH Security JUNO controller, the status of a passive location is always known.


  • Managing unmanned locations in critical environments
  • Determine the status at any given point
  • Combines access management and monitoring
  • Especially for street cabinets without power or connectivity

JUNO smart controller with IoT technology

Juno combines access management and monitoring of environment variables. It enables operations managers of critical infrastructures to check the status of their locations remotely. JUNO measures the temperature and humidity in the street cabinet, checks whether the cabinet still stands in an upright position, and it also monitors water on the floor and the position of the door. So you’re always totally in control!

JUNO is a powerful, future proof solution that offers site managers complete control

Managing unmanned locations in critical environments, such as telecom and utility services, is increasingly subject to European regulations. It must be possible to determine the status of these locations at any given point in time. The control and granting of access must take place automatically and remotely from an efficiency point of view.