Modern technology that is installed in unmanned technical locations depends much more on environmental
factors than ever before. ApolloN is specially designed to detect and monitor environmental factors within a critical
infrastructure and provides a complete solution in combination with the ASM Suite Software for monitoring these
technical locations.


  • Easy on-site installation, no local configuration
  • Plug and play; prefabricated cabling
  • Flexible, practical and cost-efficient
  • Energy-saving technology
  • RJ45 connectivity
  • Fits into 19” or ETSI rack
  • Central management (SNMP)

ApolloN: Non-stop security
ApolloN provides non-stop, 24/7 security and monitoring. ApolloN particularly proves its services in the following market segments:

  • Telecommunications
  • Infrastructure & main ports
  • Water management
  • Drinking water
  • Energy

ApolloN offers Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Monitoring (such as temperature, shock, water leakage, fire and humidity).

Access control
In contrast to normal offices and buildings, nobody is inside at the unmanned locations. Access to these
locations is only necessary for scheduled maintenance, expansion or during a calamity; so it is good practice that no one has rights to access except in the mentioned situations. By regulating access in this way, the risk of pollution, improper use, unplanned or undocumented modifications to the environment or the installation are significantly decreased.

Intrusion Detection and Monitoring
Monitoring the environmental factors is especially important in unmanned locations, since temperature, humidity, air flow, leakage, intrusion and fire directly affect the lifespan and reliability of the installation. By reporting deviations and alarms the system helps in preventing failures and damages and reduces operational costs. The sooner problems are detected, failures and losses can be prevented.