Video client, Intel Core Desktop Processor, SSD (desktop/tower)


The NVH-1101 is an efficient and powerful client system, fitted with the latest top-brand components. Useable as desktop model or tower configuration, the NVH-1101 guarantees a reliable performance, built for 24/7 runtime. Part of a complete VDG Sense configuration, the NVH-1101 is the perfect workstation. With the optional extra hard drive expansion, it is also possible to use the NVH-1101 as a small stand-alone VDG Sense configuration. The compact and sleek casing lets the hardware blend in perfectly in any workplace environment.

Supports up to three independent displays simultaneously via HDMI,DisplayPort and VGA


  • Desktop/Tower possibility
  • Supports up to three independent displays
  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet connection ports
  • Teaming Ethernet ports for redundancy

Preconfigured with optimal hard- and software for VDG Sense, the system is set-up for plug-and-play use within minutes. The hardware components are selected specifically for the most reliable and efficient setup. The hardware consist only of top-quality components from third party manufacturers. A powerful experience is guaranteed with the Intel Core Desktop Processor. Our NVH-1101 is fitted with a 128GB SSD and a smart airduct cooling system. This ensures an as good as silent operating experience combined with high output performance.

Optional expansions

  • Quad card for four 4K monitor output
  • VDG Video server storage to operate as stand-alone VDG Sense configuration
  • PTZ joystick/keyboard