Video client extreme, 19", 2u, Intel Core Desktop CPU , SSD, NVH-QUADXTR


The NVH-2004XTR is an extremely powerful client system. The NVH-2004XTR is fitted with an Intel Core Desktop Processor, 128GB SSD and a Quadro Graphics card. These components are much more powerful than the components in the NVH-2004, enabling 4K displaying and making the NVH-2004XTR the perfect solution for your video-wall solution. 


  • 2U Rack-mountable client
  • 32 GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4x Video Ouput MiniDP to HDMI
  • NVH-QUADXTR Quadro Graphics card

Useable in a 19″ Rack mountable configuration, the NVH-2004XTR guarantees a reliable performance, built for 24/7 runtime. Preconfigured with optimal hard- and software for VDG Sense, the system is set-up for plug-and-play use within minutes, making the NVH-2004XTR the perfect 19″ Rack mountable Extreme Client.

Optional expansions

  • PTZ joystick/keyboard
  • VDG Video server storage to operate as stand-alone VDG Sense configuration.