SA-FIXAC series

Air-cooled Fixed Camera 316L with vortex cooler, PoE

SA-FIXAC series

The SA-FIXAC air-cooled camera housing is a rugged corrosion proof housing designed for use in extreme hot environments. The camera housing is constructed from electro-polished 316L stainless steel for maximum corrosion protection. The camera housing can be fitted with a Siqura IP-camera such as the BC822v2H3-AS or BC980H2. The compressed air for the SA-FIXAC must be clean and dry, the SA-ABFL air filter is specially designed or the SA-FIXAC.


  • Corrosion protected 316L stainless-steel
  • Active air-cooling system
  • Operating temperature up to 100°C
  • Low maintenance


Corrosion free 316L construction
The SA-FIXAC housing is suited to be used in salty or sulfur rich environments. 100% of the camera housing is made of corrosion proof 316L steel.