UTF 4250

Digital video over single-mode (SM) fiber with data and CC

UTF 4250

Siqura’s Up-the-Fiber™ (UTF) digital line of equipment provides high-quality, 9-bit digitized video transmission with bidirectional data at the highest quality/price ratio. The module also offers an isolated alarm contact closure channel to transport, e.g, anti-tamper or door contact, from the camera to the central site. UTF 4250 SM systems work with one single-mode optical fiber.


  • 9-bit video with 63 dBw SNR
  • PTZ data channel
  • EasyC-s™ for unique time-saving PTZ connection and configuration
  • Compact transmitter (45x45x25 mm)
  • Dual receivers for high-density receiver nodes
  • Alarm contact (CC)


Up-the-Fiber™ 4200 series receivers can handle one or two video, data, and CC channels. The UTF module supports EasyC–s. With EasyC–s, a group of receivers uses only one external data connection, simplifying system implementation and maintenance. The data port only needs to be configured on the receiver; the transmitter automatically follows.

The bidirectional RS-485/422 data interface supports PTZ data from all types of camera interfaces including RS-485, TTY, Manchester, Bi-phase, and SensorNet. UTF receivers are also available as stand-alone units (/SA).

Their wide operating temperature range makes the compact, stand-alone transmitters suitable for use in outdoor camera housings and camera connection boxes. All miniature standalone models can be powered by the camera power supply (12 Vdc or 24 Vac). A PSR-12DC is recommended in case of extreme environmental conditions.