VBS 2020

Analog video link over multi-mode (MM) fiber

VBS 2020

Siqura’s VBS 2020 series offers an affordable fiber optic video link. The built-in automatic gain control (AGC) allows plug-and-play installation and maintenance-free operation. V


  • Adjustment-free installation and operation (AGC)
  • Easy to install
  • Compact stand-alone transmitter
  • Triple receiver
  • High SNR (better than 60dBw)

The very compact VBS 2020 TX matchbox transmitter is designed to operate over a broad temperature range and is therefore suitable for use close to cameras or even inside outdoor camera housings.
The VBS2020 receivers are available in standalone or rack-mount housings. The rack-mount versions is designed to be slotted into MC 10 or MC 11 power supply cabinets. Stand-alone versions (/SA) can be mounted on any flat surface.
The space-saving VBS 2020 RX-3 receivers can provide up to 33 video transmission links, using only a single MC 10 or MC 11 power supply cabinet.